The City of Tustin is considering the shift to by-district elections and district formation. The first public workshop to discuss the potential new district-based election process is scheduled to occur on August 31 at 7 p.m virtually. 

Join the virtual public workshop via Zoom with the Webinar ID: 874 4850 1346

Passcode: 966094, or by dialing in by phone: #1 669 900 6833.

 The potential switch to district-based elections is a process that many cities in California are undergoing to meet the standards of the California Voting Rights Act (CVRA) of 2001. The CVRA gave more robust legal backing to minority groups in California who have expressed that “at-large” elections have diluted their voting rights.  

On June 23, 2020, the City of Tustin received a letter from the Mexican American Legal Defence and Education Fund (MALDEF). The letter asserted that Tustin’s “at-large” election system violates the CVRA. The City of Tustin has started exploring the shift to district-based elections in light of the letter. 

If the city pursues district-based elections, Tustin voters will vote for one City Council Member who lives in their district. This process will replace the current system of at-large citywide elections in which voters have the ability to vote for all City Council Members. Members of the Tustin community are invited to participate in the district formation process to help make sure district lines respect neighborhoods, history, and geographical elements.

To help share information about potential district formation and collect public feedback, the City of Tustin has launched a dedicated district formation website: The new website includes background information on how district formation could work, the tentative schedule of participation opportunities, and frequently asked questions. 

As the city starts to move forward with considering district formation, the City will continue to update the districting website to include additional details on future public hearings, new FAQs, and more.

To sign up for updates and information about the potential district formation process and future public meetings, please visit or email